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Santosh Yoga is the Yoga of finding fulfillment within.

This comes from Kripa, the Grace of ‘Universal Consciousness or God’.

Here at Santosh Yoga, we teach you to enhance your awareness, contemplate your choices, and align your feeling into your body. Therapeutically, you will ignite your soul’s mission for being in this body.

Our teachings encompass the essence of yoga from its historical roots in our country of origin, India, to its context in one’s day-to-day living: knowledge, action, compassion, and union with Universal Consciousness or the God of your Understanding  We teach you how to enhance your spirituality through the use of yoga postures (asana), distribution of the life force (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana).

Santosh Yoga emphasizes the essence of yoga, 

to enhance our greatest treasure– a healthy and inspired life.

Today, people all over the globe are challenged to do more with less, to compete, to outperform, and to be constantly on the move. This lifestyle is reflected in all aspects of our life and seeps into our health, whether we realize it or not.  The world is structured like a vertical ladder; we are constantly trying to climb one rung higher.  At Santosh Yoga TM, we work to move from our vertical orientation to a horizontal approach to heartfelt living; one in which an inner balance is achieved by slowing down and looking within, living life one day at a time… one-moment-at-a-time.


We strive to help people feel better about themselves. Yoga has been known to reduce pain and suffering at many layers of our being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We reach out to people in all walks of life, to inspire in them the joy of loving, the joy of serving, and the joy of giving.


It is our goal to help people in this world recognize their dharma (life’s purpose) through yoga practice and to facilitate their connections to the deep source of inner joy, peace, love, and abundance. When we do this, there will be more peace on an individual soul level and at a universal spirit level.

Bryant Mascarenhas

Bryant Mascarenhas

Owner & Director of Santosh Yoga

Bryant grew up practicing eastern disciplines in India and has followed his childhood passion of Yoga. He has been practicing and teaching Yoga since 1986 and is the protege of Fr. Joe Periera.

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