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For out of town, or out of state students, live video streaming classes are now available from the Santosh Yoga Center in Brookfield, WI.

Give us a call for more details:

Santosh Yoga Center
(414) 774-9642

"I have found my yoga guru in Bryant"

Dr. Rose Kumar

"We are thankful to have a yoga teacher like Bryant Mascarenhas in our community"

Dr.Raj Rao
M.D. Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon
Froedtert Hospital Wisconsin, USA

"Santosh yoga with Bryant is holistic"

Dr.Lance Longo
Aurora Psyche

Welcome to Santosh Yoga! 

At Santosh Yoga, we teach:

  • Alignment based yoga postures | “Asanas”
  • Yoga breathing practices | “Pranayama”
  • Meditation | “Dhyana”
  • The latest in nutrition and the ancient wisdom of India; Ayurveda.

The entire journey of yoga is a healing journey. Healing is the infinite’s way of saying I want you to have life and I want you to have in abundance.

We embrace the whole of yoga – directing our practice to serve our immediate needs; be it general well-being or a medical disturbance, as well as uplift our consciousness so we can live through our higher calling.

You will get a workout here, but our practice is deep – not wide. We help you work in and not just work out.

We are precise, exacting and get into the heart of what you really need to transform and uplift yourself.

If you are ready to go deep within and address underline causes, work on your’self”, challenge every bone in your body and tone every muscle within with the ‘strength of awareness’ not ‘brute force’ – then you will find your home in Santosh Yoga.

Our roots are from Bombay, India. Bryant Mascarenhas the owner and director of Santosh Yoga grew up in India, trained and studied yoga under Fr.Joe Pereira in India.